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OPA Board gets budget breakdown

OCEAN PINES — Under questioning from director Dave Stevens, Ocean Pines Association General Manager Bob Thompson defended his decision to have maintenance done at the OPA Administration Building.
The exchange came as Thompson made his monthly report to the board of directors, providing the data and some insight into the association’s finances.
According to Thompson’s numbers, the OPA remains ahead of budgeted goals by nearly $29,000 and cutbacks at the Yacht Club along with other expenses flattening out as the off-season continues bode well for the OPA in relation to the budget.
Thompson announced the winter hours for the Yacht Club which will restrict its hours to the weekends. The new Yacht Club Hours will be 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday.
Changes in the food and beverage department, notably the dismissal of F and B Director Joe Reinhart, have kept the amenity from doing too much damage to the revenues generated over the summer.
Thompson announced he would hold another string of Town Hall meetings to go over the plans for changes in the structures and operations at both the Yacht Club and the Country Club over the coming weeks.
As the cold really begins to dig in its heels for the last part of winter and fuel prices continue to rise, the cost for keeping the indoor pool open will likely outstrip budget each month.
But it wasn’t the pool, or the Yacht Club or any of the other operational considerations that concerned Stevens. He was disturbed that he had not yet received a detailed list of the capital costs, which totaled in the $30,000 range, for the interior rejuvenation of the Administration Building.
Thompson said he’d provide the numbers and said that the biggest expenses were associated with replacing the carpet — and parts of the floor in some places — and purchasing the first new furniture the building has had for decades.
In other business, Thompson reported that the North Gate bridge was hit once again but quickly repaired. 
According to Director Ray Unger, the bridge has been hit and repaired about 38 times in the last 40 years.
Thompson said that the last time the bridge required repair, it took awhile to get the necessary parts so when they ordered the replacement pieces the OPA ordered two sets to make sure there was one in reserve for this very reason. He told the directors that an additional replacement kit has already been ordered in the event, which appears likely, that the bridge is hit again.
Thompson also announced that the leaf collection process was complete and that the OPA had collected more than 1,000 tons of leaves from ditches.
After years of court and out of court negotiations, the OPA will begin the final leg of its odyssey against the IRS claim that the association failed to pay the proper amount of taxes on income from the Beach Club.
Because the Beach Club is an exclusive resort, the IRS claims, revenue generated there is not protected from tax in the way that the rest of the income the non-profit OPA generates is. It is a proposition that the OPA challenges, as well as the assertion that as a result there are $1 million in back taxes due.
The opening presentations in the case will take place 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25 in Richmond, Va. but it will be still some time before the matter is finalized.
Board member Dan Stachurski sought and received approval to spend $125 for grant writing course held by the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce. His plan for taking the course was so that he might better interact with local and state legislators with the aim of finding government money that Ocean Pines could use to make improvements or decrease costs in conjunction with government programs.
Thompson also took a moment to remind the board members as well as the membership generally that time was running out to sign up for the initial Waste Managements collection.
Waste Management Representatives will be in Ocean Pines on the following dates and times to set up accounts for curbside collection with residents and answer questions:
10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26 and Friday Jan. 27 in the Community Center, Assateague Room.
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28 in the Parke Clubhouse
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4 in the Community Center, Marlin Room
The OPA administration announced the new refuse company will not pick up trash for anyone not signed up by Feb. 1.
For more information visit: or call the company’s tool free number 800-834-2805.
More information on Waste Management and its pickup programs in Ocean Pines is available at the Administration Building.