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OPA Board members vote for new positions and roles

OCEAN PINES — Tom Terry will continue to serve as president and Dan Stachurski will continue to be the secretary of the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors, while other posts on the board changed hands last Wednesday.
The board’s reorganization came during its first official meeting after the 2012 election, the results of which were revealed three weeks ago.
Ray Unger will serve as vice president, formerly held by Bill Wentworth, who is no longer on the board after serving for one term.
Terri Mohr is now treasurer, following the end of treasurer Pete Gomsak’s term on the board.
Sharyn O’Hare, serving her first term, has been selected as the parliamentarian, replacing Dave Stevens.
“I think we have a good and solid team,” said Terry, who said he looks forward to serving his final year of his term as the president once again.
Even though Gomsak has left the board, he has been chosen to act as its assistant treasurer, along with OPA General Manager Bob Thompson.
Both will work directly with Mohr.
“He [Gomsak] has some real skills in accounting and bookkeeping that are very valuable to us,” Terry said.
Although Gomsak will not regularly attend board meetings, he will be in close contact with the board in his new role.
While O’Hare said she is not qualified to take on a top position such as president, she is looking forward to her new responsibility as parliamentarian, the person in charge of keeping meetings in order and in compliance with OPA guidelines.
“I would have done whatever they asked me to do. I’m here to be a team player and get things done,” she said.
O’Hare, who is the only board member who hasn’t served a previous term, said her goal is to learn how the OPA operates and find its strengths and weaknesses.
The appointment process began with nominations for each role. Board members were allowed to nominate themselves for any position.
Only one person was nominated for each role other than treasurer.
Both Mohr and Stevens were nominated to take charge of OPA finances. Thus, the voting process only occurred for the appointment of treasurer.
Also at Wednesday’s meeting, the board agreed to continue using the law office of Williams, Moore, Shockley, Harrison, LLP for legal issues and TGM Group LLC for the auditing process.
Board members discussed procedures and plans for the future, but no formal actions were taken.
Next on the board’s agenda is to review the results of the referendum vote on the proposed $4.3 million new Yacht Club facility.
After a workshop session on Sept. 10, board meetings will continue as normal starting with its 8 a.m. meeting on Sept. 12 in the Ocean Pines Community Center.