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(Oct. 1, 2015) The Ocean Pines Board of Directors discussed the following items during a public meeting in the Community Center on Sept. 24.
Scout honored
The board formally recognized 16-year-old Girl Scout Lauren Paulsen for her work at the Compassion Cove unit at Berlin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She raised more than $10,000 and helped build a pergola and patio in honor of her late grandmother.
Board President Pat Renaud noted that Paulsen earned the Scout’s Gold Award for her efforts – its highest honor – and is the only Scout on the Eastern Shore to possess one.
Former director
The board also honored Sharyn O’Hare, a former director who did not seek reelection during the previous cycle.
“Sharyn served faithfully three years,” Renaud said. “She not only served faithfully, but when she didn’t agree with something she didn’t sit idly by. She raised her hand and said, ‘I disagree.’ And very often she was right. We would have let things pass without her astute viewing of things.”
O’Hare was presented with a certificate of appreciation.
“I want to thank all the board members … [and] I wish the new members a lot of luck,” she said. “Thank you to the community for all the support I got.”
GM report
General Manager Bob Thompson’s monthly GM reports returned to their trademark slide presentations, after being limited to brief overviews during previous board President Dave Stevens’ tenure.
Included in the report, Thompson said the Manklin Meadows complex would be reviewed by the Planning Commission in October, and a request for proposals would follow.
Site work would likely begin in December, with a target date for completion set for May 2016.
Thompson said the association earned several awards from local publications during recent months. Coastal Style recognized Ocean Pines as the Best Residential Community in Worcester County, and Metropolitan Magazine named the Clubs of Ocean Pines as the Best Wedding and Banquet Facility in the Berlin/Ocean City area.
Pool covers
The board unanimously approved a capital request to buy two pool covers. OPA had budgeted $20,000 for the covers, but went slightly over budget at a total cost of approximately $21,000.
Investment guidelines
In a unanimous vote, the board adopted resolution F-01, governing investment guidelines in Ocean Pines.
Director Jack Collins, who had presented the resolution during several prior meetings, called the measure a “housecleaning” item.
“This doesn’t change our investment strategy,” he said, adding that the resolution deleted a paragraph that required the association to seek the advice of a financial advisor before using what he called “excess funds.”  
“When we collect our dues early on in the fiscal year, we have a big rush of cash, and we’re not able to react fast enough to put that cash in government guaranteed instruments … so they sit in a money market fund at the depository bank,” Collins said. “The depository bank … has agreed to collateralize those deposits.”
Renaud’s debut
Thursday marked the first regular meeting for Renaud as newly elected board president.
“I’m happy to be here,” he said. “I’m happy to be serving you and the community. I hope that I can do a good job and do what I should do, and that is make sure that things move along and that things you want accomplished are accomplished.”
Director correction
Cheryl Jacobs said a local newspaper erroneously reported that she is still working full time.
“That is not true, and I just wanted to state publically that the campaign promise that I made when I ran for this office was that I would not continue to work full time, because I wanted to have the appropriate amount of time available to devote to this very important position,” she said.
Jacobs said she scaled back to working two days a week as of Sept. 1.