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OPA candidate Mohr pushes positive message

(May 21, 2015) When Terri Mohr ran for reelection to the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors last year, she did so with a positive message, believing the community was heading in the right direction overall.
The 2014 election in Ocean Pines, however, turned into something of a referendum on General Manager Bob Thompson, and, consequently, both incumbents were swept out of office, with the board taking on an entirely new tone.
Now Mohr is running again and this time she hopes her upbeat message resonates with voters.
“I did not participate in the nasty campaign last year,” she said. “I am hopeful that we will not have the same experience this year as I think it is counter-productive to what is best for our community. I was not happy with the outcome of the last election, but the OPA membership had made their choice and I accepted that choice.”
Born in Baltimore, Mohr relocated to Ocean Pines eight years ago with her husband, a retired veteran of the Anne Arundel County school system. She currently works as billing manager for Three Lower Counties Community Services in Salisbury, and has nearly four decades of experience in the medical industry.
Mohr called her first term on the board, “challenging, rewarding and sometimes exhausting.” During her tenure, she served as board liaison for several committees, including environmental and natural assets, aquatics, parks and recreation and budget and finance, and also served as both board treasurer and secretary.
Despite her time away from the board, Mohr said she has continued to follow the activity of the directors, watching meetings online, reading over the minutes and speaking directly with the leadership. She categorized herself as an independent who makes, “decisions based on the subject matter and what is the best decision for the community.”
“I realize that the perception is that there is a majority and minority, but I really do not operate in this way,” she said. “I approach any subject wanting the facts and will base my decisions on those facts as well as the potential outcome of the decision.
“What I think the major issues should be and what they probably will be are two different things,” Mohr said. “We really need to work on our IT infrastructure, continue the work on a comprehensive plan for our future – five years, 10 years, 15 years – manage our expenses while not compromising services to our membership, and never lose site of the trees for the forest. After all, we are in the Pines.”
Mohr also reiterated her desire to avoid what she called “the continual negativity we hear from some on the board.”  
“I am a proud member of the OPA, but find it very distressing to read and/or hear the sometimes vicious attacks that come from our board,” she said. “I am sure we all want the best for our community and would like to see us work as a team for the greater good while at the same time be able to disagree, discuss and seek solutions without the personal attacks.”
Her pitch to voters, Mohr said, is that she represents “a different group of OPA members that is not usually represented on the board.”
“I am not retired, but work full-time, am a year-round resident, female and I don’t play golf – yet,” she said. “Seeing the list of candidates, I think we are very lucky this year to have a diverse group and there are several that would make great board members and I look forward to this process. I do come with recent board experience and much life/work experience in management. I have an understanding of our budgeting process and the needs of our community, having been through three years of directorship ending in August 2014. And most importantly, I always play fair.
“Voters should know that I stand by my commitments, make my own decisions based on what is good for our membership, and never make a decision that has not been well thought through unless an immediate need and response is necessary and justified – there are times that this does occur in OPA and in life. I welcome the opportunity to serve again.”