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OPA Pres. Renaud feels ‘exonerated’ following board vote

(Aug. 20, 2015) New Board of Directors President Pat Renaud said he felt exonerated following a contentious organizational meeting on Monday, when former president Dave Stevens accused him and another directors of potentially violating community bylaws.
Following the accusation, the board voted 4-3 to select Renaud as president.
“I feel anything I did was within the bylaws as I understood them,” he said. “I’m looking forward to a good, positive year when we’re all going to try to work together, and I will work very hard to try to make sure that happens.”
Renaud said he hoped the board would continue making progress on the capital improvement plan, reserve study and comprehensive plan, all currently under way.
“I hope we don’t have any holdup,” he said. “I want to move it along – move the process. I’ve always been oriented that way as an action person, not somebody who says, ‘well, what do you think we should do?’
“I’ll make mistakes, of course, but not because I won’t be trying,” he added.
Jack Collins, who was also in the running for the presidency, said he would “take the high side” following Renaud’s selection.
“I’m going to look for the best,” he said. “I wish Mr. Renaud all the luck in the world, and if we can help him in any way I’d be glad to do it.”