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OPA Pres. Stevens seeks to correct Cordwell comments

(March 19, 2015) OPA Board President Dave Stevens this week responded to comments made by fellow director Bill Cordwell in the March 12 issue of the Bayside Gazette. His comments are as follows:
1.   “ The day before the vote, several members of the Board were given information that could have swayed the decision away from Landscapes”
Fact. The vote to select Landscapes Unlimited was held on Friday, February 20th. The information was known by Bob Thompson and three Directors seven days later. It is hard to sway a decision seven days after it has been made.
2.  “ Some Board members were given information about serious allegations about this company, including poor business, legal and personnel practices and financial improprieties, but (board president) Dave Stevens didn’t think this should be brought up at the meeting and the rest of the Board didn’t find out about it until days later after the vote had been taken.
Fact. No Director knew about the allegations until seven days after the vote was taken.  The insinuation that I somehow refused to allow this information to be given to the Board, in order to influence the vote is false and defamatory. The allegations themselves were subsequently investigated and found to be groundless.
3. “That vote could have been delayed a few days while these allegations but it apparently wasn’t important enough as Stevens said, ‘the decision had already been made’.”
Fact: Once again he refers to events that could not have happened and quotes something I did not say.
4. “Stevens doesn’t like the fact that Casper reports to the general manager and has a good relationship with him”  “Landscapes has said they would report directly to Stevens and the Board instead of to the general manager.”
Fact: This is completely untrue. Below is an excerpt from an e-mail to the entire Board from myself and Jack Collins, dated 2/26. It reports on a meeting held with Bob Thompson on the subject of transition.
“The GM will no longer be the sole contact for golf management company.  This will be a responsibility shared by the GM and the Board, with the former as the primary contact for issues pertaining to day-to-day operations.”