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OPA releases details of golf meeting

(Dec. 10, 2015) The Ocean Pines Association released a seven-page report via email on Monday that painstakingly details a Nov. 5 meeting between three representatives from the board of directors and golf management company Landscapes Unlimited.
According to the report, Directors Tom Terry, Bill Cordwell and Pat Renaud, the board president, met with Landscapes President Tom Everett, Regional Manager Scott Nissley, golf pro John Malinowski and superintendent Rusty McClendon to discuss recent financial results and to go over the draft of a new business plan.
The three representatives were designated by Renaud and confirmed by a 4-3 vote during the last regular board meeting.
According to the report, the course had 116 members as of September, not counting “lifetime members.” That figure compares to the 143 members golf had in March.
Landscapes took over management of the course from Billy Casper Golf in April. According to the business plan, the company hopes to add 10 new members during the next fiscal year.
Apparently, Landscapes identified more than 300 previous golf members it hope to entice to return, but had yet to contact any. The company agreed to consider revising its growth of membership to 10 percent, or 32 new members.
Landscapes went on to say it hoped to cut maintenance costs to lower expenses, although the board representatives said they “desired to maintain a quality product over cost savings quantity management” and cautioned that, “cost savings alone are not the answer.”
Operations of the clubhouse, or country club, were also a matter of discussion. Landscape’s contract allows for “operation and management” of the facility, but the company said it was concerned that “mold may be causing unhealthy working conditions in the clubhouse.”
Landscapes said several employees had become sick while working there.
Year-to-date gross revenues at the course are $87,907 below budget estimates and $19,993 less than the previous year during the same span. Along with the drop in membership, the report said, “All agreed steps need to be taken to reduce these trends.”
The report concluded that the “two plus hour meeting ended on a positive note” and the board representatives “felt very positive about the meeting and looked forward to continuing the positive relationship.”