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Peck responds to DeAngelus ‘threat’ accusation

OPA Board of Directors member Amy Peck responded this week to the public letter written by Ralph DeAngelus concerning Peck’s email to him advising him that Tom Janasek should be banned from the Ocean Pines Yacht Club.

She said her private email to him was leaked and she only learned of his response when she received a screenshot of it, which had been posted on a social media page that follows Ocean Pines.

“They got the letter and I didn’t and I’m on the board. That’s a little concerning,” Peck said. “I was informing (Matt Ortt officials) of updates in the situation (between Janasek and Josette Wheatley) because I had just come back from the hearing that I attended with Josette. I’m concerned about the liability that the association could face if there is a repeat incident.”

Peck repeated that her chief concerns in addressing DeAngelus were liability and safety. When asked if she felt safe in Janasek’s presence anywhere, she replied “not at all.”

This story appears in the print version of Bayside Gazette on June 9, 2022.