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Pines committee continues resolution reviews, updates

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

(July 21, 2022) The Ocean Pines Bylaws and Resolutions Committee continued to update and confirm resolutions and processes in the association’s bylaws on Friday.

“Our agenda was a long list of resolutions to establish the status of them concerning a periodic review that we initiate and keeping the resolutions up to date,” committee chair Jim Trummel said after the meeting. “The primary reason was many months spent on focusing entirely on the referendum (in May) for amending the association’s bylaws,” he said. “We let our requests going out to review resolutions fall behind.”

Twelve resolutions were on the docket for the committee, and Trummel added that the committee has been “significantly” behind in keeping up with the review requests coming from other committees and officials within the association.

Some resolutions received minor changes, such as B-01, or the book of resolutions, and the committee continued talks of drafting a new M-02 resolution that will cover amenity policy.

“There are a couple of other instances where there are items on the resolution agenda, F-03 reserve accounts and M-05 animal control (for example), those two resolutions we agreed on in committee to go ahead with drafting an amendment to those resolutions as a part of a catch-up, not necessarily something we would normally do,” Trummel said.

He added that those resolutions are clearly necessary and that drafts will be sent to board liaison Collette Horn for future consideration by the OPA Board of Directors.

Trummel stressed how important it is that resolutions reflect the current state of affairs in Ocean Pines.

“(On Friday and in our meeting in June) the agenda has been almost exclusively to catch up on where we are in main sure the resolutions are kept up. We don’t want to be in a ditch with a resolution for which — for one reason or another — circumstances change and we don’t have a resolution that’s reflective of what’s going on (at that time in the association).”