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Pines corporate charter being revised by OPA

OCEAN PINES – A rewrite of the Ocean Pines Association’s corporate charter is being reviewed by association officials before being adopted by the OPA Board of Directors.
“We have drafted a series of questions for [OPA] attorney Joe Moore about clarifications we want to make,” said Jim Trummel, chairman of the By-laws and Resolutions Advisory Committee.
Trummel said there would be no significant changes to the charter, a legal document that states the major components of the association.
Although run similar to a government, the OPA is a corporation and must have a corporate charter to operate.
A complete draft has already been written by the committee, and clears up a large number of errors, inconsistencies and outdated information.
“Other than a couple of minor amendments, there has not been a significant change in the charter since 1982,” Trummel said. “You should be reviewing on a basis of more than every 30 years.”
Some examples include articles that can be shortened by several pages and the naming of the 1982 board of directors.
Other provisions reference outdated state laws, but now simply instruct the reader to view the up-to-date code.
Trummel expects to hear Moore’s recommendations before the committee’s meeting next month. Once Moore has reviewed the document, it must be voted upon by the OPA Board of Directors before it is adopted.
Board member Dave Stevens, who acts as the committee’s advisor, has been following the process closely.
“I would hope we have something complete before the year’s end,” Stevens said.