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Pines GM Bob Thompson gets $5K bonus from board

(Aug. 6, 2015) General Manager Bob Thompson was the recipient of a bonus, believed to be $5,000, during a closed-door session held last Thursday in Ocean Pines.
The board of directors voted 5-2 to give Thompson the bonus, with Vice President Marty Clarke and Treasurer Jack Collins voting against.
Last year, Thompson received a $12,000 bonus.
Board Parliamentarian Tom Terry said there was a clear formula in Thompson’s contract for “at-risk dollars that were available to him for what he had performed above and beyond the financials of the organization.”
“It’s in his contract, just like many people, and there’s a pool of money that he has an opportunity to earn depending on certain things that he achieves throughout the year,” Terry said. “Those things are established by the board of directors and the board voted to provide him a bonus.
“Basically, if you don’t get the work done, you don’t get the money, and if you do get the work done you do,” Terry added.