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Pines GM report highlights July 4 earnings, racquet court repairs

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

(Aug. 4, 2022) Ocean Pines General Manager John Viola gave his first GM report since announcing the renewal of his contract for a two-year term, highlighted by Fourth of July numbers, mailbox updates and stategic planning maneuvering.
Fourth of July festivities attracted 200 participants for the Freedom 5K and more than 2,000 attendees for the carnival at the Worcester County Veterans Memorial at Ocean Pines.
The fireworks, provided by Schaefer Fireworks for $13,370, were a success and Viola thanks the Recreation and Parks, Public Works and Police departments for the “team effort” that grossed $15,000 in revenue.
Over at the Marina and T-docks, it’s “business as usual,” Viola said. A detailed plan will be submitted 60 days before construction begins on the gas line replacement project. A preliminary plan has already been submitted.
Aluminum work has been completed on the T-docks and a contractor installed additional T-docks on Monday and Tuesday. Floats that go underneath docks were back-ordered but arrived early last week.
Topcoat painting on the tennis courts has been completed at the Swim and Racquet Center. A new fence and sidewalk were installed last week and painting of the new courts began this week. Once completed, it’ll be 10 days before the courts can be used. Crack repairs will begin once the 10-day period passes.
Viola estimated that the courts will be ready for use by Sept. 5. Recreation Department has made the gym available from 12-2 on Tuesdays and made portable nets available to be taken to the Swim and Racquet Center for temporary pickleball play.
Online payments via Northstar have been online since March 21. Viola reported that $520,000 payments have been completed to date.
All 11 OPA locations have backup internet service now. The association is also set to save 10 percent on its basic internet bill by transitioning from Verizon to Granite. Hybrid meetings are now available around the community in the board room, golf meeting room, golf conference room and administration room.
Over at the North Gate Bridge, Viola said after a supply-chain-related delay, the lights are in and they’re installing the concrete base for the pole lights, which should talk about two weeks. After 10 days to let the concrete set, four pole lights will be installed on the bridge, one side at a time during which time only one side of the bridge will be open.
Bids were presented on Wednesday for $!8,300 for Alpha Space Control Company for line striping on community roadways.
The Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department has recruited and implemented a team comprised of “experts in (the) field, OPVD, Public Works and Viola) to review “high-level drawings” of the proposed new South Station.
Viola said he met with the Strategic Planning committee to gather feedback and recommendations regarding the implementation of a strategic management team to work with department heads and managers. The team will be led by senior administrative assistant Linda Martin.
“A strategic planning document is not something that, once complete, is placed on a shelf and dusted off every three to five years,” Viola wrote in his report.
Viola’s team will be meeting with the committee over the next several weeks to discuss its recommendations, initiatives and objectives, he wrote.
Under-road drainage pipe replacement began last week on Beaconhill, Pinehurst and Sandyhook roads — the latter of which was completed the same week. The work will cause further road closures and limit access in those areas for several weeks.
Cured-in-place pipe lining will begin in mid-august. The first phase is expected to cost about a$188,000 and the second $235,000.
Dredging began and finished on 14 properties from the 2020 dredging list last week.
The high-priority mailbox and pedestal replacements began the week of July 11 with the first pedestal replaced on Charleston Road. The mailbox pad on Castle Drive was replaced due to root damage and mailbox location cleaning is ongoing.