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Pines golf meeting a start

The one consistent thread apparent in the notes of the recent meeting with representatives of the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors and golf course operator Landscapes Unlimited was the need for a clearer line of communication between the association and Landscapes.
As is generally the case with most initial meetings, concerns seem to outnumber bright spots in the conversation. However, the advent of a more open discussion is a step in the right direction.
What wasn’t entirely clear is whether the cause of these concerns – tee time management, building repairs, food service and a continuing decline in membership – is because of inertia on Landscape’s part or confusion over who’s responsible for resolving issues, the association or course management.
One of the main worries for property owners has been the lack of solid information from the association on why the course continues on a downward spiral. While open and honest dialogue tends to bring some not-so-pretty things to the surface, in the long-term it serves as a blueprint for improvement and resolution.  
When only given the opportunity to look at the bottom line numbers and not what is truly behind them, real issues are not apparent. That is the case with the positive variance for September.
It might easily be assumed that increased membership and play contributed to the positive showing. However, financial improvement was only achieved because of continued savings on course maintenance, a circumstance that ought to be viewed as red flag following the expenditure of millions of dollars in the past few years to improve course conditions.
The most productive outcome of this first meeting was that both parties agreed to put aside the past and to continue with open and forthright discussions. That is in the best interest of property owners while allowing the course some chance at success.