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Pizzamerica offers New York-style take on Italian classics

(July 30, 2015) Biting into a fresh slice of pizza from Pizzamerica, a new shop in Ocean Pines, the flavors of homemade dough, molten mozzarella cheese and fresh-crushed tomatoes seasoned with garlic, oregano, sugar, salt and black and red pepper are immediately apparent.  
Owner George Domostoy said those are the flavors of his childhood, first introduced to him by his mother during his upbringing in Uruguay.
“There’s a lot of European and especially Italian people where I come from,” he said. “When I was little, my mother always used to make pizza, in real ovens, and she taught me. The sauce and the crust come from her.”
Formerly Juliet’s, Domostoy took over the restaurant three months ago, calling it Pizzamerica in honor of his more than four decades, and extensive travels, in the United States.
Domostoy came to the country with his family in 1980, moving around often and working in restaurants in Houston, Annapolis and eventually Harrisonburg, Va., where he owned and operated his own restaurant for 11 years.
He said he became enamored with the Ocean Pines area while visiting a friend in Salisbury.
“I came and visited, and I came to Assateague and Ocean City and it was just beautiful,” he said. “I grew up next to a huge river that separated Uruguay from Argentina. Coming here, I just fell in love with the area. I live in South Point and I love Assateague, so I just live four minutes from the beach.”
Pizzas at Pizzamerica are cooked in a brick oven, lending authenticity to the New York-style food touted on the cover of the restaurant’s menu.
“Conveyors are not bad, but it’s just not the same,” Domostoy said.
Along with the food, the low prices at Pizzamerica stand out, including $12.99 for carryout, or $13.90 for delivery of an 18-inch cheese pizza.
“We’re going to keep it that way,” Domostoy said. “We try to keep our prices lower because volume is what counts. Why sell 10 pizzas for $20 when you can sell 100 pizzas for $14.14?”
Small and medium sizes are also available, 12 and 14 inches, respectively, as well as pepperoni and cheese by the slice. Toppings, including four kinds of cheese, eight meats, 12 vegetables and seven specialties ranging from fresh basil to anchovies, are $1.25 for a small pizza, $1.50 for a medium and $2 for a large.
The restaurant also sells calzones, strombolis, fresh pasta, gyros, club sandwiches and hot and cold subs.  
In keeping with the spirit of using his mother’s original recipes, Domostoy said Pizzamerica is largely a family affair, with his wife, Marina, and his brother-in-law both working with him in the shop.
“We have our moments, but we get along pretty good,” Domostoy said. “The response overall has been good and it’s picking up. We’re very happy with the community. No complaints!”
Although the dining room currently seats about a dozen people, Domostoy would like to expand to a larger location in the future.
“We’d love to have a bigger place, either in the same shopping center or somewhere around here,” he said. “We’d like to have more of a full service restaurant with all the pastas and veal and steaks. But that’s going to take time.”
Pizzamerica, located in the Pines Plaza Shopping Center on Cathell Road, is open seven days a week, save for the first Monday of each month. Hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. – “until” on Friday and Saturday, and noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday. To order carryout or delivery, call 410-641-6600 or 410-641-5500.