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Put aside your agendas

To employ a cliché, it’s all over but the shouting, and possibly that is over as well, as the voting deadline passes in Ocean Pines’ Board of Directors election.
The results of the months-long campaign will be revealed Saturday and the two winners will be installed on the Ocean Pines Association’s ruling body.
The business of the association doesn’t shift into standby mode during the election process, so the new directors will be wading into the continuously flowing stream of things to do.
The most obvious of these are well known: the reserve study, the elusive Sandpiper energy contract and the financial performance of the various amenities. Not quite as sensational, at least in terms of public debate, is the condition of the community’s infrastructure, most notably its bridges, which need attention as well.
Whatever the election outcome, this year’s board would best assist the community by putting any differences or agendas aside.
The past few years have been dominated by strong personalities and over-active egos, with the main focus being on who supports the general manager … or not.
Little has gotten accomplished as the constant vying for control overshadowed the real work that needs to be done.
It is time to pin down those needs and establish a timeframe for accomplishment, with the board and general manager working cooperatively together.
While we may have seemed over the past few weeks to continue to harp on this message, the association members deserve a break from the in-fighting and discourse, with a team that is determined to work together despite any differences.
Members are best served by a board that does not become unreasonably divided over matters of opinion and one that gives careful deliberation on all viewpoints.  
Blind support or determination to undermine does nothing to benefit the community.