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Salmon so good, people will be quoting the recipe

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I recall random movie quotes or lines from books and plays at the strangest of times; almost all of the time.  I guess that makes my life a touch strange.
Maybe I see the relevance of such quotation while I regurgitate, always seeming to find such aforementioned quotes to be a propos; whether they are or not is often subject to review and opinion.
Shakespeare is oft heard from my mouth and inked from my pen.  I am no scholar but the Shakespearean Literature courses I endured in college still remain among my favorites.
At other times I might be reminiscing Emerson or Bukowski (as diametrically opposed as lamb chops and vegans) recalled from previous readings.  
Now, for no particular reason, I find myself remembering Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, a short series from the 1980’s.
In one shockingly poignant albeit inane short entitled Hell Toupee, the antagonist is a rather annoying murderous hairpiece.  Our faithful protagonist is an ultra-nerdy lawyer  who at one point of an uber-frenetic caffeinated panic attack speaks off-topic, spouting with great fortitude "I will not rest until I find a less embarrassing name for the penal system."
I cannot tell you how formative this simple phrase has been throughout my life.  I have used it as retorts in important arguments and debates.  It has found its way into more than one college paper, and I even used it in a breakup; one of the funnier uses I might add.
It has served as an ice breaker, and I even used it as a pickup line.  In fact, it’s how I met my wife.
Again, the previous statement is subject to review.
Given my druthers, I would forget such irritating cranial activity but that is never going to happen.  It is just one more thing that makes me, me.
And being me can be a tough thing for a wonderful woman such as my wife to handle.  But she does an amazing job.  When it comes to the family budget, she’s the genius.  For a serious answer to an important question, the smarter among you would consult Julie and avoid all contact with yours truly.
And when all is said and done, it becomes my duty to cook her something delicious, nutritious and fun to ease the pain of having to explain the things I write.
This little beauty is a few of my wife’s favorite (and simple) dishes put together into one.  So go and make it.  Make it well.  And make everything OK.

Salmon and Hummus
on Lavash Crackers
3 oz. salmon per person (recipe follows)
Greens and light dressing, as needed
Lavash Crackers (recipe follows)
Hummus (lavash crackers)
Capers as garnish
1.    Once your mise en place is set, this is a simple salad/appetizer to assemble (you may decide on your own whether it’s a salad or an appetizer)
2.    Place 3 ounces of hummus on the plate
3.    Top with two lavash crackers
4.    Top with a small greens salad tossed in a dressing of your choice
5.    Top with the grilled salmon and garnish with capers

1 can Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 cloves fresh garlic
1/2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbsp. Tahini (Sesame Paste)
Dash Srirachi hot sauce
Juice of 1/2 fresh lemon, more if preferred
Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed
Salt & Black pepper as needed
Italian Parsley, chopped, as needed
optional – Roasted Red Pepper Strips
1.    Place the chickpeas, garlic, Worcestershire, Tahini, Srirachi, and lemon juice in a food processor and process, scraping the bowl every now and then
2.    When the mixture is well chopped add the oil in a steady stream while processor is on full blast
3.    Make sure that you do not add to much oil.  You want this to resemble a quasi-peanut butter consistency
4.    Taste and adjust to your preference and add any particulates that you wish; these could include roasted red peppers, capers, fresh herbs et al

Grilled Salmon
3 oz. Salmon per serving
to make 1 cup of marinade:
1/2 c. EV Olive Oil
Cracked black pepper
Kosher salt
Smoked paprika
Red pepper flakes
Fresh lemon juice
Lemon zest (use a Microplane)
1.    I would be remiss if I did not inform you that you need to vary the amounts of spices and flavorings to your own taste.  For most marinades, just think 3 parts oil to 1 part acid.  Then, just go from there
2.    Combine the ingredients and toss the salmon and allow to rest for at least thirty minutes
3.    Heat a grill and grill the salmon until it is crisp on the first side.  It will be almost cooked through as you turn it so you can just cook it for thirty seconds and be on your way
4.    Serve warm or chilled, whichever you prefer
5.    Plate the hummus and top with lavash (flatbread) crackers or tortillas grilled into crackers (recipe follows)

Flatbread Crackers
Lavash (enough to make 2 crackers per serving)
Marinade from salmon
1.    Lightly brush the lavash crackers with some of the marinade
2.    Grill until starting to crisp on the first side
3.    Turn and continue to cook until the moisture is almost gone.  These are great when there is just the slightest touch of chewiness in the center!
4.    Allow to cool and serve as desired