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TaDa Home reflects style and approach

BERLIN — It was no accident that sisters Blair Parsons and Brooke Falck kept brown paper over the windows as they prepared to open TaDa Home. Not only did the sisters have a particular kind of anticipation to live up to, they also had confidence the store would exceed expectations. Pulling the paper down created a literal TaDa effect as what was until recently an empty storefront was transformed into a brightly colored home decor store. 

TaDa Home is an expansion, of sorts of TaDa, the parent store across the street in style and attitude if not exactly in mission. While TaDa still offers the unique gifts, jewelry and accessories their customers have come to expect, TaDa Home takes the same aesthetic that made the name famous and expands upon it in home decor.

The idea for the shop came from the sisters’ wish to increase their participation in their father Stephen’s battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) a terminal neurodegenerative disease. When he was diagnosed two years ago, the family started a foundation in support of MSA research. 

“His attitude is incredible,” Parsons said. “Doing restoration has given him a creative outlet.”

Stephen’s furniture restoration work is among the featured items at TaDa Home, which devotes a portion of the sales of all items to MSA research. 

While Falck and Parsons select the colors and designs, oftentimes with help from their mother, TaDa owner Patti, Stephen executes the plan, restoring and repainting the pieces to their specifications. Sometimes as an added bonus Patti, an artist with work hanging in both stores, will provide additional design work.

In addition to home decor, TaDa Home carries upscale jellies, jams and marinades in what could be called the foodie section of the store. In addition to the edibles, there are books on everything epicurean, from how to grow the food to how to prepare and present it.

TaDa Home appears to have taken the view there’s no point in doing something if you don’t do it in style because the shop is nothing if not chic. Although they’re adding stock every day, TaDa Home has already amassed an eclectic collection of new and antique items.

“We find good pieces of furniture and just make them pretty again,” Falck said. “We kind of try to have a vision for what we can do.”

Falck is the store’s artistic eye. She’s responsible for selecting much of the hand-painted items, including plates, servers and glasses. While she’s mum on where she makes the finds, she said it’s important to TaDa Home’s aesthetic that they meet certain criteria. 

Repurposing items that would be or have been discarded is important to the entire family. But as important, regulars at the original TaDa have come to expect not only a certain level of quality but also that the purchases they make there are distinctive. 

There has been a bit of a buzz since the sisters announced their intention to open, mostly people anxious to see what they’ll have to offer in the expanded home decor space.