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Trails, parks, signage all top priorities for OP committee

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Reporter

(March 16, 2023) The Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Committee is developing a proposal for an Adopt and Park or Trail Program to be considered by the board of directors.

“Ocean Pines has had parks and trails adopted informally in the past,” said committee Chair Bill Barnard. This would formalize that process.

A typical program allows individuals, organizations and businesses to adopt a park or trail. Responsibilities usually include assisting in helping to keep the park or trail clean and safe so that everyone can enjoy them. Larger issues are reported for appropriate attention. Commitments tend to be a year in length and adopters are usually recognized with a sign.

The program is in the concept phase and the committee will give a proposal to the board in the near future.

For those who love trail hiking, National Trail Day is coming up on June 3. Last year, the committee organized a number of guided trail walks and expects to do the same this year. Members are also looking at hosting a water trail tour for kayakers.

Committee member Tom Ottenwaelder is working on a “Conditions of the Parks” report, which he expects to present to the board of directors.  He will use survey data released by OPA on Oct. 24.

The committee is still processing the results of the fall survey, especially the comments people provided. “We want people to know that their opinions count. Our priorities will be based on the survey,” said committee member Becky Lehnerd.

The committee is also looking at the signage issue for all of the Ocean Pines parks and trails.