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Viola to discuss new racquet center next board meeting

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Writer

Preliminary sketches of a proposed new Racquet Club show a two-story option to replace the current building.

(June 15, 2023) A new building is on the horizon for the Racquet Center, following a May vote by the Racquet Sports Advisory Committee to recommend to the board a two-story building with balconies overlooking the courts.

During a meeting on Thursday, committee members discussed with Director Colette Horn what their priorities would be for the building. The consensus was to have balconies that would face the platform, pickleball and tennis courts, which could require balconies on all four sides.

Horn reminded the committee that there will also have to be space for utilities on the second floor.

Horn told committee members that the cost of the building would be paid for out of replacement reserves. She said the building is fully depreciated and the depreciation value reflects when it was built —1991.

The next step will be to develop concept drawings, which will then allow for a budget to be developed.

General Manager John Viola said he will address the capital expenditure at the board of directors meeting this Saturday.

If the budget exceeds the board’s spending limit of $1 million, the issue will have to be decided by the Ocean Pines property owners through a referendum.