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Williams weighs in on Bay Club

(June 11, 2015) Berlin Mayor Gee Williamson on Monday sought to clear up what he said was a misrepresentation of his position on the Bay Club development proposal.
Citing a story published last week in the Bayside Gazette, Williams said it implied he was in favor of the project and its annexation by the town, when that was not the case.
“I think it is proper that I speak on my own behalf,” Williams said at the close of Monday night’s mayor and council session.
“At this very early stage of discussion, if I were to have a vote, which I do not, I do not know where I would stand on this idea,” he said. “I can say without reservation that I would be much more favorably inclined, if the Bay Club was immediately contiguous to the town’s existing western boundary, but it is not.”
The idea of the club’s possible redevelopment was given to the mayor and council in closed session. Theoretically, such a project would entail the construction of 300 luxury and the question at the time was whether town officials might be amenable to bringing that property into the municipal fold.
When word of the proposal became public, a debate ensued over the growth of the town, and whether continued growth should be viewed positively or negatively.
 “For many citizens, the idea that Berlin has significant potential for growth, has not yet become a reality,” Williams said Monday. “But it is real and this is just one more idea that shows that legitimate, well-financed developers are taking a serious look at Berlin.”
He added, however, that town officials and the community in general should discuss the size, scale and direction of the town’s development.
 “Such a community decision with such potential permanent impact as this, I maintain, must be based not just on opinion, but informed opinion. And to that end, in the new fiscal year, I will be proposing to the council, a process that involves interested citizens and a variety of unbiased experts from throughout the United States, to help all of us to understand our growth options and the consequences of those options on our town.”