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Wor. Arts Council to host inaugural race/walk May 16

(April 30, 2015) Looking to spread the word about upcoming exhibitions and projects, and possibly to increase membership, the Worcester County Arts Council will hold its inaugural 5K Race/Walk for the Arts on Saturday, May 16.
Included in the $25 registration fee for the event is a T-shirt and a one-year membership to the arts council.
“We hope to do this every year. That way everybody can renew their membership.” Board Member Erika Rittling Uebel said. “It’s a membership drive, kind of like what NPR does, but we thought this would be more fun and interactive with the community, and raise awareness with runners and maybe reach a whole new group of people.”
Executive Director Anna Mullis echoed the council’s desire to raise its profile.
“We have several different programs that we sponsor and classes and grants and scholarships, but we wanted to offer something fresh, something different and take advantage of the nice weather,” she said. “There are various different organizations that do this type of activity, and we liked the idea because it’s open to people of all ages and they don’t necessarily need to be art-oriented.”
The arts council is working with OC Tri Running, which will be the host.
“They have a great database and they’ve hosted successful events in the area,” Uebel said. “They take care of the registration and the planning and the course and all of that.”
Uebel said entrants could register online until the day before the event, or in person on the day of the event, although T-shirts may be limited to pre-registrants.  
The race/walk will start at 8 a.m. at the council building on 6 Jefferson Street in Berlin, head towards Worcester Prep and circle back. Mayor Gee Williams is expected to send off participants prior to the start.
As an incentive, handmade awards will be handed out to top finishers at the completion of the event.
“Instead of just giving out the typical medal, each board member was asked to create or do an award,” Uebel said. “I think it’s kind of funny and quirky.”
Uebel said the council would also distribute pamphlets touting council activities.
“I don’t think the community knows everything that we do contribute to,” she said. “We plan to have some paraphernalia out where people can see all the different things we do contribute to, like the Brown Box Theatre Project and the Ocean City Art League, and ‘Cinderella’ we helped with.
“When they see that, I think there will be a little more of a connection to how important the art council is and what it means to be a member. Whether you’re an artist or not, you should still support the arts in the county.”
A sponsorship drive concluded on April 15, but the arts council is still soliciting volunteers to help with check in and registration.
T-shirt sponsors for the race/walk include Charles and Sharon Sorrentino, Inca Ruins, Schramm Grounds Maintenance LLC, Town of Berlin, Beach Buddies, Rayne’s Reef, Kenneth Briggs, Stuart Antiques, Lawn Doctor, Ocean City St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Fig Tree Studio, Dimitra Cushwa, Ocean Pines Youth Theater, Karen McClure, Ocean Pines Players, Paul Williams, Pine Tones, Sheppard Realty, Holly and Burton Anderson and Rainbow Florist.
Event sponsors include Ocean 98 WOCM, Bleached Butterfly LLC, Backyard Escapes, Brian Garrett Photo, Miles Moffit of Southside Jiu Jitsu and the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra
Mary and James Rittling, Cheers and the Atlantic Hotel are mile-marker sponsors.
For more information call 410-641-0809 or visit