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Worcester G.O.L.D. sets the standard for service

OCEAN CITY — As it turns out, Worcester G.O.L.D. is a model philanthropic group in more ways than one. At last week’s annual fashion show fundraised, the group was honored with a renewal of their status as a non-profit that meets the Standards of Excellence, a set of guidelines established by Maryland Non-Profits, an independent oversight group
Amy Coates Madsen, the program director for Standards of Excellence, said that the guidelines were established as a “Model for how the most effective non-profit organizations are run.”
The 55 standards cover everything from how board meetings are conducted to how paid employees of a non-profit should be treated to how the accumulation and distribution of funds should be accounted for.
In order to be considered for the certification, Worcester G.O.L.D. must submit an application delineating every detail of their operations. The submitted packet is then reviewed by Maryland Non-Profits staff, a peer review committee and the Ethics Standards Committee.
“It’s a pretty extensive and comprehensive list,” Madsen said.
This is the second time Worcester G.O.L.D. has been awarded the Standards of Excellence garnering the acknowledgment for the first time in 2009. With this latest certification, the group will not have to reapply for five years.
In is, in part, because they have been able to run an efficient organization that Worcester G.O.L.D. has succeeded in doing so many of the good works it accomplishes each year.
In 2011 Worcester G.O.L.D. provided:
170 Worcester County Families with food
222 families with utility assistance
102 families with housing assistance
841 families with emergency services
24 at-risk children with summer camp
182 children with Easter baskets
More than 530 children with school supplies and 
946 people with Christmas help.
Since its incorporation as a non-profit organization in 1997, Worcester G.O.L.D. has more than tripled the opportunities for provide assistance. 
The fashion show, this year titled “Colors of Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon” is one of the largest events Worcester G.O.L.D. holds during the year.
Louise Reardon, an owner of CraZy LadyZ, one of the event sponsors, said she is constantly amazed by the work the group is able to accomplish. She was on hand to help coordinate the volunteer models wearing the fashions her shop provided.
The event held at another sponsor, Bayside Skillet, which closed their doors to accommodate all the attendees, drew women and men alike from all over the County to participate.