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ALOC dream a reality


On behalf of myself, our President Margaret Spurlock and the entire Board of Directors of the Art League, I would like to thank everyone who came out to City Hall to support the Art League of Ocean City’s efforts to bring a new visual art center to the community.

This is a victory for our children, for our senior citizens and for everyone who lives, works, and visits this area. The Art League is the only non-profit art organization in Ocean City and fills a void in this community. A proper building that can showcase the local talent, provide art instruction, and be a destination for the arts in Ocean City is long overdue. With the vote of support from the council (5-2 Pillas and Ashley opposed) we can offer even more programming to enhance the quality of life in this area.

Our gratitude to our mayor Rick Meehan, for the vision to lead this town into the future. Thank you also to Leighton Moore and Michelle Fager for speaking up for the arts, and to Jon Tremellen, Billy Carder, Todd Ferrante, Dr. Berger, Alfred Harrison, Hal Glick, Cheryl Taustin, Jamie Albright and other business leaders who came, wrote letters, and more importantly sponsor the Art League as corporate sponsors.

I would also like to commend Mark Paddock and the FOP for their support, we know they have had to make sacrifices, and this shows they are committed to the welfare of Ocean City. Thank you also to the OCDC, the Superintendent of schools Jon Andes, Worcester County Tourism director Lisa Challenger, Patti and Peck Miller, Mayor Williams of Berlin, and Prof. Memo Diriker of Salisbury University, and the Little Salisbury Association, for supporting the Art League’s efforts.

Thanks also to the many members of the Art League who packed the house and braved the summer traffic to come to City Hall. Their passion for the arts was evident, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the decision was read. Many of these people have worked for years to keep this organization going, and the 14,500 volunteer hours they put in this past year is evidence of that.

Finally thank you to the taxpayers of Ocean City for realizing that while Ocean City is a resort, it is also a community and the arts can benefit everyone; whether or not you are an artist yourself. If you haven’t been to the Art League, we are located on 94th Street bayside, and are open Tuesday-Sunday year round. To find out more about what we offer visit our website 

Thank you,

Rina Thaler

Ocean City