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5/23/2024 Bayside Editorial

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Barbecues, boating, time for reflection For most people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the traditional summer season, when outdoor recreation opens up for people looking to exchange their indoor confines for some time on the beach, on the water or on their way to a vacation destination. This is when backyard grilling gets underway… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Route 611 speed concerns raised Editor, As I was leaving my development in Mystic Harbour today, I was nearly T-boned by a car leaving Sinepuxent Road. It was a very close call. Thank God I wasn’t coming down from Frontier town at 50 miles per hour, which brings me to the… Read more »

5/16/2024 Editorial

Worcester’s politics have many layers Anyone who thinks describing Worcester County politics is a piece of cake has another thing coming, judging from events of this week. On one hand, county voters can be more conservative than those in Maryland’s other districts, while town policies often go in the opposite direction. On Monday, for instance,… Read more »

Bayside Gazette Editorial: Every sign not equal to OPA

Something is off about the Ocean Pines Association’s response to the “I Support Education” signs dotting the yards of residents there, and it isn’t just issuing notices of violation to some people and not to others. The violation cited in these notices refers to the Architectural Review Committee guidelines that require individuals who wish to… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Remove personal beliefs from funding Editor, (The following was addressed to the Worcester County Commissioners.) First, I’d like to congratulate the commissioners in favor of last year’s MOE vote for starting a grassroots movement right here in our beautiful county. Your votes have galvanized a large group of Worcester County voters under a great cause…. Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Sports complex process concerning Editor, For the record, I am not opposed to a Sports Complex. However, I am opposed to the use of public funds to build, operate and subsidize one. In Economic Analysis for a Proposed New Outdoor Sports Field Complex in Worcester County, Maryland issued in August, 2017 by Crossroads Consulting Services,… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Bare minimum does not work in schools Editor, I am a teacher at Stephen Decatur Middle School. I currently live in Berlin, but I am not originally from this area. I moved here after college to live and teach in Worcester County because of the school system’s prestigious reputation. Being new to the area, I… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Where’s proof on whale death claim? Editor, Last week, Ocean City’s mayor sent out a social media post stating misinformation in strong opposition to the position of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). There are many in the offshore wind opposition community that don’t believe in science. Since the mayor of Maryland’s premiere resort… Read more »