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Commissioners’ stand puts them in spotlight

Now that the new board of county commissioners has shown it knows how not to spend public money, the question it faces is whether it knows how to produce more of it and remain in the public’s good graces. That is the territory the commissioners staked out for themselves this week when they issued a… Read more »

One change for OPA’s new rule at meetings

The Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors’ decision to open its meetings to members only has prompted the question of whether the board can legally do that. The answer is, yes, it can. State law governing homeowner’s associations says board meetings “shall be open to all members of the homeowners association or their agents.” The… Read more »

We must count our everyday blessings

Why should we celebrate Thanksgiving when things don’t seem to be going our way? Just look at the cost of Thanksgiving dinner alone: that’s gone way up over last year because of everything that’s been going wrong ever since the pandemic struck two years ago. Shipping costs have increased, fuel expenses have risen, feed and… Read more »

Professing support when it’s not critical

The reply to elected officials who argue they don’t oppose a sports complex, just the public funding of it, has to be, “So what?” If no public money is involved, these officials would have little say in the matter beyond being sure that such a facility meets zoning and other land use requirements. Consequently, politicians… Read more »

Vote ‘For’ Question A

Worcester County’s Question A on the ballot in next Tuesday’s election is a broadly worded, vague and confusing mess. The vigorous arguments for and against Question A so befuddle the issue that voters may not realize what this referendum actually says and the unintended consequences that could ensue if it does not pass. Prospective voters… Read more »