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Bayside Gazette Editorial 7/4/24: Field of flags nothing less than inspiring

Anyone who walked through the dozens of flags flying at full staff over the last six weeks in Ocean Pines probably found it impossible to not wonder about the stories each flag represents.

Since May 18 (Armed Forces Day), the flags have been on display at the Worcester County Veterans Memorial. The patriotic display is a partnership between the Worcester County Veterans Memorial and the Ocean City/Berlin Rotary Club. The flags – totaling well over 100 – will be on display through the weekend.

Each flag is sponsored for $50 by a business or individual in honor of a hero who left a mark on this country. Proceeds from the sponsorships are shared in the community through scholarships and charity donations.

Everyone who works or lives near Ocean Pines has undoubtedly driven by these flags off Route 589. It’s an impressive visual but there’s nothing like walking through the flags and reading the names of the men and women on each pole.

Each flag is meant to honor an individual who has made a special impact on a person. Who they are and what they did is only known to the donor but the medallion on each flag pays tribute to them.

The honorees could be in the military, a loved one, a special teacher or a parent, deceased or living.

Perhaps over the holiday weekend, visitors and residents might want to take a few minutes and park their cars at the memorial and then take a stroll through the flags and look at the names.

Let the creativity of their stories and background run through your head, but recognize their impacts were enough to move someone to honor them publicly. These are their stories to tell, but it’s a special demonstration of importance.

No matter the individual and unknown efforts, acts and impacts of these honorees, walking through these flags is nothing less than inspiring.