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Bohlen clearly earned promotion to top job

It can’t be said that Berlin’s new town administrator, Mary Bohlen, doesn’t know her way around the place, or that she may need some time to familiarize herself with the people with whom she will be working, or that she isn’t aware of the politics, personalities and visions that drive the mayor and council’s policy decisions.

After 31 years in the town’s employ, she knows all that. She also knows the challenges the town faces and its responsibilities to the 5,000 or so citizens who depend on its services. After all, very few town administrators started out answering the phones and then worked their way through the hierarchy to become what she accurately describes as chief operating officer.

Bohlen took on various responsibilities following her stint at the front desk in Town Hall and obviously did them in such a fashion that the mayor and council were confident that she could handle this job as well.

Her official appointment as town administrator by the mayor and Town Council on Monday only formalized what Bohlen had been doing for the past several months anyway, since she took over as acting administrator following the departure of Jeff Fleetwood in April.

 It was under his calm and efficient approach to management that she served as deputy administrator, which fully prepared her and the staff for the job she has now.

Congratulations to Bohlen on this achievement, and kudos to the mayor and council for recognizing that she earned this promotion through hard work, diligence and loyalty to the town.

It’s always good to promote from within, but it is especially gratifying to see that promotion go to someone who clearly deserves it. In the meantime, it’s quietly back to work expediting the mayor and council’s wishes while also keeping them apprised of the differences between what they want to do and what the town’s resources will permit them to do.

It’s a tough job, but with her extensive background in Berlin’s government affairs, Bohlen should be up to the task.