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Owners encouraged to take a vacation

BALTIMORE—Upon reading my “Out of office and off the grid” automated e-mail message, a client responded, “How do you DO that?” Being disconnected from his electronic tethers was beyond comprehension. And I suspect this is the case for many small business owners. Our work and personal time have fused into a boundary-less blur without traditional… Read more »

Ocean Pines celebrates 45th anniversary in August

Development of Ocean Pines did as much to alter the landscape of the coastal region as the appearance of high-rise condominiums in Ocean City. This month, the community will celebrate a milestone anniversary with a host of events. In 45 years, Ocean Pines has evolved from a rural vacation home and campground in its earliest… Read more »

Letters: Told sign not up to par

Editor, I’m a merchant in the downtown area of Berlin, and have been for many years. I am a past president of the chamber and have done lots of community works for our lovely town. I wish to take issue with some of the recent events a few overzealous members of our community are spearheading…. Read more »

Letters: Need to keep approved sign

(The following letter was sent to Berlin Mayor Gee Williams and to Bayside Gazette for publication.) Dear Mayor, I have heard rumors in town regarding the removal of all “sandwich board” signage for downtown business per the request of the Berlin Historic Committee.  I would like to express my disapproval and disappointment in even the… Read more »

Letters: Sandwich sign vital for business

Editor, This letter is in response to the article concerning the tables and signboards in Berlin. My business, the Berlin Coffee House, is located behind the Atlantic Hotel on Jefferson Street. Because we are off Main Street, we do not have the advantage those merchants have when visitors come to town. Our sandwich board is… Read more »

Commissioners go to bat for scofflaws

When was the last time you called your county commissioner? If you are not one of the fewer than 40 business owners they moved heaven and earth to protect — at the expense of the rest of the county’s taxpayers and business owners — the answer is “Not recently enough.” Last year, 23 businesses were… Read more »

Don't play 'Wait and See' with roads

During Bob Thompson’s town hall meeting this week in Ocean Pines, he touched on a subject the board of directors is going to have to start taking seriously before too long — the association’s use of its share of the slot funding. Thompson said he was wary of using the funds generated through local impact… Read more »

ALOC dream a reality

Editor: On behalf of myself, our President Margaret Spurlock and the entire Board of Directors of the Art League, I would like to thank everyone who came out to City Hall to support the Art League of Ocean City’s efforts to bring a new visual art center to the community. This is a victory for… Read more »