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Vote ‘For’ Question A

Worcester County’s Question A on the ballot in next Tuesday’s election is a broadly worded, vague and confusing mess. The vigorous arguments for and against Question A so befuddle the issue that voters may not realize what this referendum actually says and the unintended consequences that could ensue if it does not pass. Prospective voters… Read more »

Pulled pork BBQ burrito covered in cheese

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By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 I raise my glass as I think of our broken industry, one to which hundreds of thousands of workers never returned after the pandemic. Short-staffed, short-tempered and exhausted, those of us remaining in the field simply try to eke out a week or two here and there to get… Read more »

Directors move wisely in vote count review

The Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors took the common-sense approach last week when they decided to table the discussion of ordering a forensic audit of August’s election results, even though the final tabulation was inaccurate. Instead, the board directed its newly appointed Elections Committee to gather as much information as it can and then… Read more »

Community matters put in perspective by loss

The Bayside Gazette and its sister paper, Ocean City Today, mourn the passing this week of one of its shareholders, Hale Harrison, who suffered a fatal heart attack Monday. Although this space is usually devoted to commentary regarding events, issues and circumstances specific to Ocean Pines or Berlin, the departure of this irreplaceable part of… Read more »

Meatloaf cupcakes with interesting ‘icing’

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Reprint from Oct. 26, 2018 (Oct. 20, 2022) Is there anything more comforting than mouthwatering meatloaf and fluffy mashed potatoes? If you agree, read on. Confessions come in many flavors. Willpower was once my best friend, but we have parted and gone our separate ways. It is for this reason I refuse to glimpse at… Read more »

Committee members fall victim to bad info

The members of Ocean Pines Association’s Election Committee didn’t have to resign last week, and as far as is publicly known, no one expected them to  after the board of directors and some of the candidates in the summer’s election realized that the vote totals didn’t add up. How it turned out that more votes… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Supporting sportsplex  and one voter’s reasons Editor, I am writing to express my support, and encourage others, in voting yes to question A for the proposed sports complex in Worcester County. A number of years ago, I was involved in amateur soccer organizations. First in the Baltimore metro area, and then statewide in Maryland, and… Read more »