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More than pies at Four Seasons Pizza

WEST OCEAN CITY — One of the difficulties many restaurants encounter after their grand opening is that running a restaurant is hard and it stays that way for quite some time. The business is demanding on both the staff and the owner, requiring long hours, dedication and tight controls.  Would-be restaurateurs who don’t have the… Read more »

Landlords could need licenses in Berlin

BERLIN — In an effort to bring a few recalcitrant landlords into line, the Mayor and Town Council began deliberations this week on how to finesse the town code to make it harder for non-compliant or unregistered businesses to operate as they have been. The expectation is that there will be a way to do… Read more »

MDTA takes its toll

BERLIN — If it wasn’t clear that the folks on the lower Eastern Shore were against the proposed increase in the Bay Bridge toll, the fact that Del. Norman Conway was shouted down by the crowd for suggesting a compromise should have driven the point home. Conway was one of the many people who came… Read more »

Federal regulations put a crimp in the Local Challenge’s style

BERLIN —  When Upton Sinclair got the country and its politicians all atwitter about the conditions under which meat was produced, America was a radically different country. Gasoline wasn’t even really the main fuel for moving things around the planet and the notion of highly-centralized production being the best way to handle all commodities was… Read more »

Local author helps build people up

OCEAN PINES — Everyone has a story worth telling. The trick is to figure out how your experiences can edify others in a way that is both very personal and also engaging. Edify is kind of a tricky word. Many people use it in place of “educate” or as a synonym for teaching someone something…. Read more »

Don't play 'Wait and See' with roads

During Bob Thompson’s town hall meeting this week in Ocean Pines, he touched on a subject the board of directors is going to have to start taking seriously before too long — the association’s use of its share of the slot funding. Thompson said he was wary of using the funds generated through local impact… Read more »

ALOC dream a reality

Editor: On behalf of myself, our President Margaret Spurlock and the entire Board of Directors of the Art League, I would like to thank everyone who came out to City Hall to support the Art League of Ocean City’s efforts to bring a new visual art center to the community. This is a victory for… Read more »

Thompson shoots straight with OPA members

OCEAN PINES — Before taking questions at this week’s town hall-style meeting, General Manager Bob Thompson set the tone by dealing directly with what were likely the most divisive issues currently facing the community, especially the assessment increases and the facilities advisory committee. When discussing his support for the facilities advisory committee — people selected… Read more »

Better lamb grilled well

Grill, grill grill. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, aren’t I? Of course there is a reason for this; summer is upon us. Again, broken record. Most people cover the grill in September and forget about it until May. That means that you only have two months left in the grilling foray so… Read more »

Pines Point Provisions and Seafood

OCEAN PINES — Like so many successful businesses, Pines Point Provisions was conceived out of the experience of genuine need. George and Anna Vitak, along with their son, Michael, have been avid boaters for some time. Just as they understand the pleasures of fishing or just spending the day on the water, they understand the… Read more »