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Exercise caution over the holiday season

It’s a sad thing that the holiday season is not only about glad tidings and spreading goodwill but also is a time of being wary of people whose intent is not so merry.
That, more or less, was the message this week from Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing, who, just like most other law enforcement officials across the country are doing right about now, advised the public to be on the alert for holiday scams and thieves.
It’s a fact of life anymore that Christmas seems to see more of this sort of thing, whether it’s because piles of gifts in plain sight increase the temptation or because people’s holiday-minded charitable attitude makes them more susceptible to bogus appeals to their generosity.
Whatever the reason, there is always someone willing to take advantage of the situation, which is why Downing’s advice, however often we’ve heard it before, is worth following.
Don’t leave your car with gifts lying out where everyone can see them. Your best bet, as Downing says, is to lock them in the trunk. Also don’t be afraid to call the police if you see what you believe is suspicious activity. The police won’t think you’re foolish and neither will your neighbors, especially if it turns out that you were right.
We are predisposed to think a little more kindly of others this time of year and no one wants to take that away. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with exercising some extra caution when out shopping and at home.
It’s somewhat disconcerting to say it, but that little bit of extra awareness could keep your Christmas merry and bright.