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Letter to the Editor

Supports sports complex


I noticed in the last edition, that the “do nothings” in Ocean Pines are now going countywide to object to the Sports Complex.

These are the same folks who were against building our new Yacht Club, Country Club, replacing bulkheads, Pickleball courts etc. In other words, they want to do nothing because it costs money.

They run to the Ocean Pines Forum, which in my opinion in my almost 25 years as a property owner in OP, is in the top three as worst things to happen to OP and to two rags that masquerade as newspapers that promote their garbage.

The Forum is a website where about 10 experts, that really know nothing, tell the community what they want them to know but not what is actually happening.

They put out that building a new facility, i.e. Yacht Club, was going to raise their dues because they know people won’t do research on their own.

But it not only didn’t raise their dues, it has turned into a meeting place for the entire community when it is packed on weekend nights and having facilities like this actually raise our property values.

But by the time the rumor mill that started on the website would get around the community, you would think people were losing their houses to pay for a new building.

They wanted to put more paint over the rot on the old Yacht Club.

We finally had to close it for good when an employee went through the floor, but these folks just wanted to hire lighter employees.

Years ago, it was in this very paper that Ocean City had partnered with Wicomico County to host off season athletic events.

I thought at the time, “Look at all that money going down 50 and 90, when our businesses could be benefiting from a partnership like this.”

When our businesses and the county itself take in more revenue from ventures like this, those revenues go toward keeping the tax rates down, replacing bridges and roads etc. But the “do nothings” will be out with their talking points that this will raise your taxes, the area will be flooded with traffic, no Worcester County residents will be allowed to use the facility etc. I’ve seen this too many times with this group.

Usually a good rule of thumb is if this group is for something, it’s probably bad and if they are against something it’s probably good and will be a benefit.

Our elected county officials need to take the comments from this group with a grain of salt, do their own research and do what is best for the entire county and not just what the “do nothings” say.

Bill Cordwell
Ocean Pines