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Letter to the Editor

Why referendum vote will be a no


While observing numerous debates sparked by the proposed revisions to the OPA Bylaws I thought of that epic western movie: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”   

I felt the proposed changes had all three of these flavors.   

Bylaws are an important legal document that needs occasional updating often caused by changes in the federal, state or local laws.   

We also know that OPA lost two major lawsuits recently and during that time our bylaws were heavily scrutinized. So a reasonable conclusion is that our very long and comprehensive 28-page document needs a major overhaul.

Unfortunately, I wonder if the proposed changes will produce the desirable results or make some matters more complex.

The OPA board could have elected an approach that would streamline the 28-page bylaws document to fewer pages making them easier to understand and to enforce.   

To illustrate this point, consider these three examples.

Columbia Association, the largest HOA in Maryland with over 100,000 residents, has (a) bylaws document that is only 10 pages long. Montgomery Village, the second largest  HOA in Maryland, has an 18-page document.  Finally, the bylaws of Heritage Harbour community in Annapolis, are only 12 pages.

The OPA board can easily streamline the bylaws document by moving certain language from the bylaws to appropriate resolutions.

Also, some issues and matters may be better covered in a policy manual or as operational rules instead of being in the bylaws document.

In summary, I am voting no on all proposed changes. I also encourage all OPA members to please take the time to vote on this important referendum.

Slobodan Trendic
Ocean Pines