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Letter to the Editor

Road walkability


I noticed in the recent Bayside Gazette the OP Recreation and Parks Committee comments on pedestrian safety in regards to the Route 90 expansion.

First, I think this is great and absolutely should be a priority. My concern is that Ocean Pines will still not recognize their own pedestrian issues.

The Cathell Road and Ocean Parkway intersection is chaotic and dangerous and the board has not even acknowledged a problem with it.

Over a year ago I brought three intersections to their attention near the south side entrance. The Cathell Road one, the four-way stop at Manklin Creek and the intersection with Racetrack Road.

The four-way stop at Manklin is owned by the county and they sent a team to paint crosswalks and add signage. The state owns the Racetrack Road intersection and is in the process of installing crosswalks. Both of these are tremendous steps forward.

The intersection at Cathell, however, is owned by Ocean Pines and there has been no acknowledgment of an issue, no plan for attempting to come up with solutions, nothing.

If the OPA wants to prioritize safety and many of their social media posts talk about how safe OP is, they should address this major issue.

Dozens or potentially hundreds of people go through this intersection each day whether walking/jogging, biking, or pushing a stroller and there needs to be clear crosswalks for us to safely cross.

Ocean Pines has a wonderful trail around the pond but has no safe way for you to get to it.

I have reached out repeatedly to the board asking for a simple discussion of plans or ideas and been ignored.

If Ocean Pines truly wants to be a pedestrian and bike-safe community this intersection is a major step in that plan.

Ryan Mello
Ocean Pines