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Letter to the Editor

What is an abortion to the law?


I pray that as American society moves forward after the recent ruling in regards to abortion, that peace and open dialogue can prevail.

We need a civil open discourse, not hatred and violence. I am pro-life and support protecting the unborn.

That said, before we start overreacting, we need to clarify, legally, what an abortion is.

The ruling by SCOTUS does not state the definition of what truly an abortion, under the law, is.

Don’t believe me look it up. We need to determine and codify this.

I state this because by definition what is needed in the cases of an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage are deemed as abortion.

The law needs to clarify that in these cases the woman and the OB/GYN are not at risk of being arrested. In the case of a true miscarriage the child is already dead.

To not allow the medical professionals to take care of the woman in either case is a tragedy of justice. In this situation it truly is health care.

To just end a life because you regret the decision or you feel it will ruin your life is against all that our Creator stands for.

All Abrahamic religions, Hindus, and Buddhist can agree on this. So contact your state and federal leaders so that a codified definition can be established and life can truly be protected. Sadly, abortion is still legal here in Maryland, but as we move forward that can and hopefully will change.

As such, we need to have the legal definition on record and codified in the law so that the innocents are truly protected down the road.

We can’t move forward as long as animosity, mistrust, and a refusal to calmly discuss how we can truly provide care for women, especially the poor and those without a good support system, so that we can aid all.

Fr. Larry Barnhill, Dean
Holy Trinity Cathedral (Anglican)