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Letter to the Editor

Complex should go at 113 and 589


Although I am not a sports enthusiast, I believe that a sports complex in the area is not a bad idea, but the proposed complex location next to Steven Decatur High School is not likely the best location given the access/egress to the property.

Not only is Flower Street inadequate to accommodate the traffic, but Stephen Decatur High School Road is inadequate as well, especially at the entrance to the apartment complex across from Stephen Decatur Middle School.

I cannot imagine how the traffic from a night sports event would safely negotiate through that ill-designed intersection: would it be safe to define that as an engineering travesty?

That intersection is hard enough to negotiate during daylight hours.

I have heard that there are possibly several other locations in the county which have been offered as a potential location for a sports complex.

I personally thought that the location at the north end intersection of Route 589 (Racetrack Road) and Route113 was a better location because of the access to Route113.

John Bussard
Ocean Pines