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Letter to the Editor

Supporting sportsplex  and one voter’s reasons


I am writing to express my support, and encourage others, in voting yes to question A for the proposed sports complex in Worcester County.

A number of years ago, I was involved in amateur soccer organizations. First in the Baltimore metro area, and then statewide in Maryland, and then nationwide with the United States Soccer Federation.

In my travels to various meetings and conventions across the country, I have met numerous organizations that have complexes built in their areas.

These facilities have proven to be very successful in providing safe and convenient areas for competition, while being a source of fundraising for their communities.

The fact that this complex would be closely located to Ocean City, a popular family destination, and the area nearby, should help in its overall success and sustainability, and would attract teams and competitions from various areas of the country.

I certainly understand concerns such as startup costs and traffic. Any project this large will have an initial price tag that gets your attention.

However, to be as successful as possible, a plan like this must be large in scale. As far as logistics such as traffic concerns, these can be worked upon and, with proper scheduling, can be minimized.

I truly feel this project would be a huge asset, financially and sports accessibility, to our area. Again, I encourage my fellow voters to vote yes to question A. Thank you for your attention.

Martin Branagan
Ocean City