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Letter to the Editor

Donate to Relay for Life to help eradicate cancer


The Relay for Life is a slogan but most important it is an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

This event is held yearly and gathers people from all walks of life, such as cancer survivors, caregivers, young, elderly, White, Black and every other race. Cancer does not discriminate.

This event occurs every year where people gather to celebrate the survival of cancer patients, the thanking of the caregivers for their work with cancer patients and their families, as well as the gratitude of the people for encouragement to donate to ACS.

In my years of involvement with ACS, I have 19 years as a cancer survivor. Unfortunately, cancer is common in my family, where I have lost a brother, aunts and uncles. This does not stop me.

I have seen on TV, ads from another organization showing children suffering from this dreaded disease. To see these children being treated and finding out some survive it and some do not, encourages me to fight harder so these children and others can have a happy life.

To be at this event, I feel so satisfied to see how people are getting together to donate money to kill this disease and the friendliness of everyone working together.

I am not a medical person, just a member on the Original Greene Turtle team trying to raise money so that this disease can be cured. At this point I have raised $2,700 with a goal of $3,000. My hope and wishes are to continue to raise funds, no matter what amount.  We need the entire community to help.

I love quotes and this is one by Helen Keller, “I am only one, still I am one, I cannot do everything, still I can do something, I will not refuse to do what I can.”

All contributions should be made out to the American Cancer Society.

This year’s Relay for Life is set from 4-10 p.m., Sept. 23, at Windmill Creek Winery, 11206 Worcester Hwy. in Berlin..

To my friends and loved ones, who have suffered from this disease, may God bless you.

Thank you in advance.

Nick Bartolomeo