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Letter to the Editor

What would ocean say about turbines?


What if the Atlantic Ocean could share its thoughts about the offshore wind turbines? Would it be pleased to have over 100 offshore wind turbines planted in its ocean floor? Could it agree to the height of the turbines which could be over 900 feet? Will it be offended by the pounding needed to secure the turbines? Will the digging into the ocean floor and the planting of cables that will transport electricity miles away be a pleasure for the ocean?

This Atlantic Ocean has served us well. We know how Delaware and Maryland have become successful ocean communities because of this magnificent resource.

So many admire the views of our ocean. Will our ocean no longer hear the excitement of the many people who look for the sunrises, or see uninterrupted views of the blue waters next to the blue of the sky?

We know one thing for sure. The ocean does what the ocean does. It can be so still and serene. It can also be turbulent.

Will the gigantic offshore wind turbines have a safe and secure place when nor’easters and hurricanes happen? Would the ocean ask that these turbines not be placed in its waters? Might the ocean suggest to keep the wind turbines on land where the turbines would be safer and easier to get to for repairs or damages?

Well, so much for the above thoughts. Our Atlantic Ocean has no say. People do. Every person does. What will the decision be from all the people?

Anita Welsch