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Letter to the Editor

Anonymous letter upsets association


Some of our executive officers and building reps have received an anonymous letter in regard to our commissioners not funding the budget due to our current leadership.

They are accusing us of not speaking out to help rid of our current leadership. As an organization we do not get involved with decisions that need to be made by the school board.

We are, however, in favor of fairness.

We will not stand for someone trying to bully or make accusations about us. This has left some of those who have received the letter upset and nervous about the situation.

It is not the association’s decision to hire or fire. We’ll fight for better wages and the respect we deserve everyday. Let us as an organization come together and not allow someone to instill fear or pull us apart. Together we win, divided we fall.

Ivory P. Smith Sr.

(The writer is the president of the Worcester County Education Support Professional Association.)