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Letter to the Editor

Remove personal beliefs from funding


(The following was addressed to the Worcester County Commissioners.)

First, I’d like to congratulate the commissioners in favor of last year’s MOE vote for starting a grassroots movement right here in our beautiful county.

Your votes have galvanized a large group of Worcester County voters under a great cause. We span across party, and district lines to come together for one mission. A mission that includes seeking a fully-funded Board of Education budget, a school system that is the priority to the Commissioners, and a sense of partnership between the Commissioners and the Board of Education.

Our school system is what it is because your forefathers in those seats stood on their business and knew the importance of a fully-funded school system budget.

Our family moved here six short years ago. We made this choice rather than sending our children to private schools in a neighboring county. We specifically chose Worcester County – squarely on the shoulders of the reputation above. Thankfully they are doing their very best with the MOE that they can and are upholding the reputation despite that – thank you to the Teachers, and Administrators.

I implore you to look past and get over your own personal, political, and dogmatic beliefs and fund the budget. We know that some of you are not fans of public schools and would prefer a voucher system – but that’s not what the people want – I hope you’ve come to realize this.

I also implore you to “Build The Bear” and come in where the state will not, and fund the Buckingham Elementary school that the Berlin neighborhoods deserve.

Good day to you all.

Tony Weeg