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Letters: Sandwich sign vital for business

This letter is in response to the article concerning the tables and signboards in Berlin.
My business, the Berlin Coffee House, is located behind the Atlantic Hotel on Jefferson Street. Because we are off Main Street, we do not have the advantage those merchants have when visitors come to town.
Our sandwich board is vital to our business. The sandwich board is located in front of the hotel and there has not been a complaint to us on the board from the hotel or anyone else. Visitors have said that if weren’t for that little sign, they would not have known we were “back there.”
Perhaps those who are having a problem with the tables for the restaurants and the signboards should come to a chamber or merchant meeting and talk to us, the “off the Main Street merchants.” We could discuss the problems they have and they may have a better suggestion of how to let visitors know there are businesses off Main Street.
Visitors really enjoy our little town and they remark on how nice it is to be able to sit outside, and to our visitors the signboards are a nostalgic form of art.
Peggy Hagy, owner
Berlin Coffee House