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Letters To The Editor

OP amenities losing money
I read in [last] week’s Gazette that the Yacht Club has lost over $140,000 the last four months.
I read last summer in the local papers the Yacht Club was on the upswing of things. They had so many bookings for weddings, private parties, etc.
It doesn’t take a math expert to figure out if you take in $50,000 and put out $80,000 that things are not on the upswing.
The property owners voted last year on how they felt about the existing board of directors. We know how that worked out. No more outrageous pay raises, no bonus for an amenity that loses money.
I believe that the new board of directors are working towards what the majority of Ocean Pines property owners want.
I don’t believe that a projected loss of $60,000 for the golf club is a plus; last time I did math that $60,000 was a minus.
Mike Graves
Ocean Pines
Refuse the PARCC tests
I asked the Worcester County Public School Administration the following question: Will the PARCC assessment results (grade) be used in the students’ final grade? If so, what percent of students’ final grade will be made up of PARCC results?
Their response: No, PARCC assessment results are not used in the calculation of a student’s coursework grade. It is an accountability measure for teachers, principals, schools, and the school system, but not the student.
If PARCC tests are to have no bearing on your child’s final grade or performance, why are we spending months teaching to a test that does nothing more than collect data to fire teachers and shut down schools?
The data is useless to the student. The test results won’t even be back until December 2015, long after your child has moved to the next grade. Why are we putting undue stress and anxiety on our children?
Statewide, taxpayers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade technology and to pay for the costs of administering the PARCC tests. As large of a concern is the student level data being collected on your children that PARCC is required to share with the US Department of Education as part of their agreement for federal funding.
School boards may try to manipulate you through fear and intimidation to participate in the assessments. Their agenda is to get a certain percentage of students to take the test in order to qualify for federal funding.
You and your children have the right to refuse the PARCC assessments. There is no Maryland or federal law stating that your child must participate in these tests. Ask them to show you the law.
Francis Gebhart