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Letters to the Editor

Blame format
As a candidate in the current election process for a position on the Board of Directors in Ocean Pines, I take some exception to your opinion column dated July 2, 2015, lamenting candidates who provide more style than substance.
Unfortunately, none of the participating candidates have any input in determining the format of how the election forum is held. Each candidate may make an introductory opening statement limited to three minutes, the election committee then develops questions to be asked of the candidates, each candidate is then allowed to question one other candidate, and at the conclusion of the questioning, each candidate can make a one minute closing statement.
There is barely enough time to outline our positions, much less go into detail about them. The current format does not allow the candidates to explain what they propose to do and how they will do it (unless that specific question is asked) in the timeframe allowed.
Please do not put the blame on any of the candidates for a format in which we have no control, we can only try our best within the guidelines we are given.
Thomas K. Herrick  
Ocean Pines

Time for new blood
I read in July 2 Bayside Gazette about some of the opinions of the candidates for two positions as directors.
I was really interested in the candidates that have previously served on the board of directors. One cited accomplishments during 2010-2014. That candidate failed to mention they ‘yes’ vote to give the general manager an outrageous pay raise and $12,000 in bonuses for amenities that lose money. I hope voters remember the past. I wonder if the other two previous directors remember amenities losing money every year on their watch, property owner fees going up almost every year, the ramrod of the Sports Core pool cover or the proposal to build a new community center on Route 589, which was turned down by Ocean Pines property owners.
I remember these things and will not vote for old blood. It’s time for new blood.
Mike Graves
Ocean Pines