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After attending the Choptank open house on June 18 in Ocean Pines, we had more concerns than ever and decided to contact several insurance companies on their position of coverage for fire claims resulting from possible noncompliant, non U.L. listed smart meter devices.
Of the three agencies we have contacted, all three agents could not immediately answer the question, which is “if a home fire directly results from a meter without an underwriters laboratory seal [U.L. listed], would your company deny fire coverage for my home?”  
Several insurance companies have denied fire damage claims for smart meter fires, so this a major concern.
Two weeks later, only one agent has responded and she stated, “if a fire occurred due to this unlisted device, we would make certain you are covered and we would subrogate the claim with the appropriate responsible parties.”
Although that makes us feel relieved that we would be covered at least by one insurance company, why would we want to take the chance in the first place if there are documented fires occurring with these units? Why would any insurance company want to take the chance? Any home fire, even with minimal damage, is devastating.
Our profession is home building and we cannot install or attach any electrical device that is not U.L. listed in any home or addition we build. We would be fined, lose our license, and if our actions caused the fire we would be sued and probably out of business due to the liability cost. How is it that utility companies can attach any such device without our consent and against our will in some cases?  
Some utility companies offer an opt-out program, but any fee paid to someone or some entity to protect you or your family from any dangerous situation is extortion.
There are template forms on which guide you through rejection process, otherwise via “implied consent,” you will have a smart meter. After watching the documentary on this site, along with scientific and medical research done by many, including Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and professor Martin Pall [both on YouTube], exposing the biological harm done to the human body by the pulsed radiation of smart meters 24/7, we have decided to refuse this device.  
We totally agree with a former CIA director’s recent statement that the smart grid’s security vulnerabilities make it a “really, really stupid grid.” That statement alone is very scary. Add to that the health risks, fire risks, privacy issues and higher electric bills [which result from the smart meter’s dirty electricity output being registered as usage], it is just not smart to allow this radiation-emitting meter to be installed.
Cathy and James Snell                                                                                                                                                      Ocean Pines
Director Responds
I would like to respond to Mr. [Mike] Graves’ letter dated July 9, 2015.  
First and foremost, I applaud Mr. [Mike] Graves for taking the time to learn about the OPA Board of Director candidates. I was not named specifically named, but feel the need to respond to the comments. I stand by my remarks and my cited accomplishments, including the thoughtful process that went into constructing a solid contract for the general manager.  
As I have stated many times, the general manager of Ocean Pines [Bob Thompson] works for us 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is responsible for the operations of what I call "a small city." He has done a good job and continues to perform well on the behalf of all property owners to maintain our community and protect our investment. He is not without fault (none of us are), but I have always been able to confront him with any issue and have a meaningful discussion to seek resolution to a problem.  
As far as the amenities losing money, Mr. Graves should take a look at the financials reported at the last board meeting. We will always have amenities that may cost us money to maintain, but I will bet that if Mr. Graves were to put his home on the market that he would list those amenities as a selling point.  
To end, I actually believe there is an advantage to having "old blood" in addition to "new faces" elected to the board. I am and will remain proud of the accomplishments of the Board of Directors from 2010-2014 and hope to have the opportunity to serve again.
Terri Mohr
Candidate for OPA
Board of Directors
Important Election
This is an open letter to all the voters of Ocean Pines. Soon, a very important ballot is coming in the mail to all property owners. I urge you to consider carefully your options before you cast your ballot this year.
This is my final year serving as a board member for Ocean Pines. Through the past three years, I have learned some very valuable lessons that I would like to share from the inside.
First of all, the first two years of my term were exciting, filled with ideas, healthy debates and actions. I was proud to be elected to serve with this group of individuals. Did we agree on everything? No, not at all. There were no voting “blocks.”
The board was run as an open exchange of ideas, and we all voted as we saw fit, with the interest of Ocean Pines as the number one priority. There were no “personal agendas” from the majority of the members.  
However, this past year there was a very different environment, laced with acrimony, arguments and unprofessional actions at virtually every meeting. There was a total lack of respect by board leadership toward those board members who were not in the “majority.” The leadership never reached out to the “other side.” One only had to pick up the community newspaper any week, or view the videos of board meetings, to become aware of all the craziness that was going on in the meetings.  
The leadership of this board rarely met with the general manager until well into the eighth month of the year. This has not fostered a good working relationship between the GM, staff and board. One cannot provide direction if you are not communicating.  
Leadership is not bullying. We need to restore civility and integrity to the board. In my opinion, those running for the board who simply complain, criticize and have negative “agendas” will do nothing to bring this community together and advance it’s interests.
I personally feel that we need a diverse board, and that the inclusion of women will bring a different perspective to the meetings. All three women candidates not only bring excellent backgrounds and experience, but a positive approach to addressing issues. Also, please note who is supporting which candidates.
This is a wonderful community, and this has been my home since 1975. Do we have problems? Yes, of course we do, but I challenge anyone to find a better community anywhere on the East Coast that offers what we do for our residents and owners. If you care as much about this community as I do, please take your voting privilege very seriously. I urge you all to vote.  
Please, consider your options and vote to bring strong positive leadership to this community. Vote for the candidates that can work together with respect for all, including their fellow board members, management, staff and, of course, the membership. Let’s make it a “win-win” for everyone.  
Sharyn O’Hare
OPA Board Member