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Letters to the Editor

New blood needed in Pines
I have lived in Ocean Pines for over 20 years, so I have taken plenty of time to learn about the board of directors over the years. I stand by my statement about new blood on the board of directors. Time for a change.
Mike Graves
Ocean Pines

Shore Lane was wasteful spending
More Wasteful Spending in OP on the Resurfacing of The Road to Nowhere
Driving around OP, I see many areas of roadway that are in need of resurfacing. With that in mind, I was amazed to see Shore Lane was recently resurfaced.
Shore Lane might not be a road name familiar to most because it is an isolated road with no homes or businesses except for the treatment plant at the opposite end of intersecting with Village Way.
It should be noted, on a recent but rare drive on Shore Lane before the road was resurfaced, I noticed the road to be in fair condition, certainly in better condition than many other areas in OP that have homes or businesses. Resurfacing Shore Lane was a terrible waste.
Terry Long
Jarrettsville, Md.

O’Hare tried to rewrite history
I read with amusement Mrs. Sharyn O’Hare’s letter, which was published in the July 16, 2015 Bayside Gazette. In her commentary she claims the first two years of her term were “exciting, filled with ideas, healthy debate and actions … there were no personal agendas.” Really? That is not my memory of the events.
Apparently Mrs. O’Hare wants to re-write history in order for it to shine more favorably on her years as a member of the board. I guess she wants us to overlook her personal vendetta against me in the first months of her term.
Was it not Mrs. O’Hare who teamed up with a few of her cohorts on the board and management to spend over $12,000 of our membership’s hard earned assessment dollars trying to run me off the board? “Healthy debate … no personal agendas.” I think not!
Mrs. O’Hare was right on two points. This is an important election and “leadership is not bullying.”
Martin D. Clarke
Ocean Pines

Shocked by story … in another paper
I was shocked to read a recent front-page article regarding Mr. Slobodan Trendic’s June arrest by Ocean Pines police that appeared in another publication distributed to Ocean Pines residents.
While including the facts that he ran off the road to such an extent that he damaged another homeowner’s property and then left the scene, it went on to hint that the police were acting improperly, waxed eloquent about "mitigating circumstances" and quoted Mr. Marvin Steen about a police interview at which Mr. Steen was not even present!
This goes beyond shoddy journalism. It’s an attempt to whitewash a serious incident. I hope we all know political spin when we see it.
Pat Rusman
Ocean Pines