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Infighting already
It certainly is refreshing to see the OP board of directors take a cooperative approach in their dealings with each other. Not.  
Already there is infighting between the past president and the newly elected one. If I understand it correctly, Joe Moore (recently reappointed for his nth term as OP’s resident attorney) mistakenly advised Pat Renaud and Tom Terry that they could meet unofficially with newly elected board members because those members had not yet been sworn in when, in fact, according to our by-laws, they become board members when their selections are announced at the annual meeting.
 Dave Stevens rightly pointed out that Joe Moore’s initial opinion was “troubling” when you consider how long Mr. Moore has represented us. However, Mr. Stevens went on to say, “It is my opinion that Mr. Terry already knew this and was willing to accept Joe’s ruling even though he knew it wasn’t true.  The thing that Pat Renaud attempted to do was send out an email to five directors-once you get passed who’s a director.  If it was a secret, closed meeting, it’s as wrong as you can get and still be in an HOA.”   
The key here is that Mr. Moore initially opined that the newly elected officials were not yet directors so a meeting would not be a board meeting. Yet, Mr. Stevens felt it necessary to call out Mr. Terry for accepting a ruling he knew was untrue and Mr. Renaud for attempting to call a closed (i.e. illegal) board meeting.  
I agree with Mr. Stevens that “To say there is no harm is disingenuous.”  However, the harm is in continuously criticizing one another in public. Thank goodness our new board members recognized the potential for controversy and took the higher ground. Both of these members stated that they have no predetermined allegiances and I believe that is why they were elected.
OP owners are tired of the embarrassing public infighting that has gone on interminably and would like to see a cooperative effort. Perhaps the first cooperative effort should be a discussion about the efficacy of retaining Joe Moore.
Barbara Coughlan
Ocean Pines

Thanking veterans
This is the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. General Levin Winder Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a commemorative partner with the Department of Defense, Vietnam Commemoration.
On Aug. 18, General Levin Winder Chapter had a wreath-laying at the Vietnam Memorial at the County Court House, in Snow Hill. We recognized 72 Vietnam veterans with a DAR Certificate of Appreciation.
We had many vets and family members of deceased veterans accept the DAR Certificate of Appreciation for their service and sacrifice. I would like to thank everyone that participated in this special event.
It was very touching, when I handed the certificate to a vet and thanked him for his service. His reply was “I have never been thanked before.” Let us not forget.
Barbara Greene May, Regent
General Levin Winder Chapter, NSDAR