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Letters to the Editor

Life presents us with many unexpected journeys, some sweet and heartwarming, some that we would prefer to forget. Regardless of our age, or the age we live in, one of those unexpected journeys is when we discover the absolute joy that comes from giving.
There are all kinds of giving and certainly among the most gratifying are the gifts we give to those we love and care about during the holiday season. In your nonprofit community this time of year has become known as the “Giving Season.”
The motivation for giving to those in need in our community shares a common thread with gifts we share with family and friends, the human instinct to help others in a meaningful way. And among the many reasons that makes the giving season so special is that it is not so much about the amount of a gift of charity, but the meaning behind it.
Money, in of itself, has little value. It is what you do with it that gives it value. Depending on how you spend and share your money, the same amount can do a little good, or a lot of good.
Don’t ever feel that you can’t make a difference. With so many needs in our community, how do you go about deciding where your charitable gift should go? May I suggest you start by thinking about the causes that matter to you?
Think about your life and those around you … what impact has been made by a charitable organization? Do you have an aging family member who needed some assistance getting through the day, or know a family that was in distress and in need of food? Have you met a child so full of promise, but with real limitations in meeting their educational potential? Do you know a forgotten veteran seeking someone to talk to or who urgently requires emergency assistance? Have you provided a home to a rescued animal and want to help others have the same opportunity?
Nonprofit organizations throughout the region meet these needs and more, each and every day.
The potential needs that you care about are both incredibly diverse and timeless. And while it may seem overwhelming to meet them all, we can all gain some perspective through the words of world-renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall, “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Each year the Giving Season gives each and every one of us a wonderful opportunity and responsibility. Don’t let this time pass without experiencing the special joy we can all share –through charitable giving.
Erica Joseph is President of the
Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc.