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Miscommunications make medium issues big ones

Here we go again in Ocean Pines, where miscommunications or misconstrued communications or too many different communications have made significant issues into bigger ones.
There is, for instance, the matter of the golf course’s management, with Casper Golf being told, or not told, that its role as course operator will or won’t continue in the coming year as the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors considers its alternatives.
All the parties involved, from Casper Golf to the directors to OPA General Manager were either angry or confused by this recent whirlwind of mixed messages, even though nothing official had occurred at the point.
That’s because everyone was waiting, theoretically, for the release of the course’s financial report, which was expected to happen at the end of this week.
And then there’s the discussion of the Sandpiper Energy contract with Ocean Pines and the report that Sandpiper gave in to the board’s demands, when, according to the company and others, it did not.
The problem in both instances, it would seem, is the relatively simple matter of more people attempting to run things than is necessary. This doesn’t mean that anyone has anything but the best intentions, but it does create conflict as well as a muddled picture of what has or what is about to take place.
We don’t want to discourage directors or General Manager Thompson from speaking openly about anything. The more information the public receives, the more it will understand about circumstances that affect them.
On the other hand, the directors, Thompson and the public need to accept that no matter what anyone says, nothing is final until a vote takes place. That makes a decision official, with all that’s said beforehand just a matter of opinion.