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Moderate approach new board’s style?

Ocean Pines Association members might have a good board of directors on their hands, following the election last week of three people who on the surface at least appear to value a collegial approach to policy-making and protecting the well-run operation they inherited.

Although no one can say how any director — newly elected or veteran member — will respond when the inevitable disagreements arise, it doesn’t appear that new directors Steve Jacobs, Stuart Lakernick and Monica Rakowski are entering service with heavy agendas or plans for great changes.

Judging from their campaign comments, this trio seems intent on protecting and improving the status quo, rather than upsetting it in pursuit of personal goals or ambitions.

Certainly, the majority of the past couple of boards is gone, as is its penchant for going too far at times to preserve its authority over board and community affairs.

In that regard, the incoming panel and whatever new voting coalition — if any — emerges out of it seems less inclined to worry as much about majority control as it does about how the association’s continued financial success can be applied toward community improvements.

Of course, all this assigns to an untested board an overriding sense of moderation and responsibility. Maybe it will be guided by these attributes and maybe it won’t, but the controversy-free election campaigns that led to this point suggests that calm proficiency will prevail.

A solid majority of voters certainly seems to think so, or has at least overwhelmingly declared that this is what they want and expect from their governing authority.

In the meantime, congratulations to this year’s election winners for races well run. Here’s hoping that differences of opinion are settled as amicably as possible, that your election goals are realized and that the voters are rewarded for the choices they made.