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OPA continues with its positive changes

Judging from the general manager’s report in Ocean Pines last week, it appears that the association’s business continues to travel in the right direction.

Revenue is still rising above expenses, making it likely that GM John Viola’s projected end-of-the-year balance will be about a half-million dollars better than it was last year.

That’s certainly worth noting, given the many years of financial struggles that the association experienced in earlier times. But another positive indicator of the association’s direction were the resolution modifications the board of directors considered this week.

Most, if not all, of them appeared to designed to reduce the possibility of conflicting interpretations by clarifying the language and ensuring that the parameters of the board’s authority are made clear.

Such is the purpose of revisions Resolution M-02 regarding how the board may respond to violations of the association’s amenity rules.

Clearly, as was pointed out in a recent court case involving the board’s decision to ban one association member as punishment for his behavior at the Yacht Club, there are always limits on what the board can and cannot do.

The proposed change takes the judge’s  opinion in that case into account, thus establishing a clearer path for this and future boards to follow should a similar circumstance ever arise.

With the association’s financial house in order and improving, it makes sense that the governing structure also ought to be cleaned up and clarified as well, with rights, recourse and responsibilities well defined.

Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are the bane of any governing body’s existence, and these revisions should help reduce these possibilities.